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How to create iMessage Stickers Step by step (2) Screenshot and Apple Developer

November 20, 2017

** This posting is updated on 2017.9.23.

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Prepare Screenshot with Xcode

  1. You’re gonna required to upload screenshots for iPhone and iPad both. Prepare for largest screen iPhone and iPad.

2.  I’ve created one preview via Photoshop, it’s optional though. You can create enough previews via Simulator.

3. Product->Run to create screenshots via Simulator. Make sure to choose ‘iPhone 7 Plus’. Click a little arrow beside your sticker’s title.

4. So your sticker will shown as full screen. Now File->Save screenshot or Command+S. Be sure to take several screenshots because every stickers cannot be displayed in a screen at once.

5. Now we need to create realistic messaging scene. You can edit your virtual personality’s name. Click ‘i’ button on the upper-right corner. Then you’ll get this window. Click the name (mine is ‘sweetie’).

6. Press ‘edit’ now you can change her or his name. No more sweetie.

7. Click the arrow on the upper-left corner to change other one’s name too.

8. You can change John’s name, and send message as John to Katy also. Create some witty chatting (I failed to, but you should try) and save screenshot. Now we’re done with iPhone. SAYONARA!

9. Now there are only left iPad screenshots. Choose ‘iPad pro 12.9 inch’ and repeat steps!


Apple Developer

  1. Sign in to your account and go to ‘Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles’ -> ‘App IDs’

2. You’ll be required to write down Bundle ID.

3. You can find your bundle identifier here; Copy and paste it. And let’s move to the next posting, iTunes Connect.


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