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How to create iMessage Stickers Step by step (3) iTunes Connect

November 20, 2017

** This posting is updated on 2017.9.23.

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Itunes Connect 

  1. Sign in to Itunes Connect and choose My Apps-> New App. Seems like someone failed to create stickers and cried… and creating her post to remind all the process and other artists do not need to cry holding Xcode…


2. Write down app’s name (It will be displayed on the App store), choose the primary language, bundle ID. SKU can only use letters, numbers, hyphens, periods, and underscores. (This value will not be displayed in public)


3. Fill in the blanks! You’re almost done.

4. Pricing tier is like below; You can choose any price tier, I don’t think anyone would purchase 10.99$ sticker pack though.

5. Drag and drop your prepared screenshots.

6. Do not miss ones for iPad too!

7. Use some keywords for more influence. Marketing URL is optional, but Support URL is essential. Some people said they just fill  it with their SNS account URL. I’m going with my website.

8. Scroll down, and you’ll find ‘general app information’ menu. There is a room for the leftover icon (1024×1024 px). You should fill all the information including phone number. Click ‘edit’ button to choose rating for your stickers.

9. All the information should be given! Write your Developer ID and password. Apple won’t scam you.



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