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How to create iMessage Stickers Step by step (4) Final steps

November 20, 2017

** This posting is updated on 2017.9.23.

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Upload and waiting for review

  1. Now we’re going back to Xcode. Do not hate Xcode too much.. This time, choose ‘generic iOS device’

2. Product->Archive.

3. Then this window pops up. You can just click ‘upload’ directly but I’d rather do ‘validate’ button below first. An error happened to me last time was solved after I proceed validate. So it’s just a safer option.

4. Now you can upload stickers, finally!

5. YAY!!! It may take a few minute to see this beautiful screen depends on server’s connection. And I need to feed my macbook now.

6. Now you can select your build and submit your stickers. If you cannot see ‘Select a build before you submit your app’ message..

7. Check ‘Activity’ tab. Your app may be in ‘processing’ status and it can take a few minutes.. or even a few hours. After uploading is done, save your information and submit for review.

8. If you’ve created perfectly normal lovely sticker pack the answers should be No;

Now all you need to do is waiting for a review! Apple’s submission process is significantly fast. I got every approval within 2-3 days however still waiting for Line’s e-mail… (I got it now! It took me a MONTH!!) Maybe I can create 10 stickers for Apple store waiting for Line’s approval for just one sticker pack.

Hope this post helps you artists!


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