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December Planner Freebie – Printable Minimal Habit Tracker!

December 10, 2016
Habit tracker planner printable freebie by Paperly Kiss

Here comes the very first freebie from Paperly Kiss! I’ve always wanted to have a tool that can help me to enhance my lifestyle in a simple and easy way. I’ve tried some IOS apps, Japanese planners and my several planner pages from Paperly Kiss. And now I can say this one worked best, beyond the great! I am not a very crafty person and not that diligent.. um, I’m lying. I’d honestly say, I’m LAZY. Lazy as a dead potato, sloth, government employee, or whatever.

But I’ve managed to upgrade my life quite a bit with this planner page. All I had to do was just spend my extra 5 minutes before going to bed to put some dot on the paper. (Of course, I’ve written every habits on the left side on my computer and print it for eternal use since I’m idle one, but you can absolutely write down them with pretty hand lettering.) Now I do my stretching every day (I’m lying again – Every other day), not forget to take vitamin and water my dying plants.

Habit tracker planner printable freebie by Paperly Kiss

I’ve created horizontal version for 1-month use, and vertical version for 1-week use in A4 and letter size PDF. Just grab both and choose which one to use!

Click to download :

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