PlayPiece: a paper-based board game for inclusive play

PlayPiece is a compact, durable, and versatile paper-based board game. Its innovative design combines traditional paper-cutting techniques with machine laser cutting, creating intricate patterns on 1082D Tyvek paper that can be pushed and pulled. The flexible patterns make it easy to play games like Tic-tac-toe, Connect Four, and Reversi, which traditionally use game pieces.  PlayPiece is perfect for on-the-go fun, as it's portable, durable, and tactile for broad play.
Designed with the durability of Tyvek in mind, the patterns can be pushed to create a dome or concave by the user. This represents the binary nature of opposing game pieces in modern and traditional board games. PlayPiece features printed gameplay instructions for common games played on the 8x8 board, so there is no requirement for rule books to begin playing. The ultra-lightweight A4 sheet can be rolled up or folded while traveling for times when you want to enrich your traveling experience with friends and family

Collaborator:      Dian Lin, Kara Wong, Yihan Dong
                        Laser Cutting Technician at UCL: Danny Steadman
Photographer:    Dian Lin, Kara Wong
Press:               DuPont Tyvek Design Award 2023 Special Mention

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