Pinecone: a chair inspired by paper-cutting

Crafted from a single steel sheet, Pinecone boasts a visually stunning design that's locally manufacturable and open-sourced for accessibility. Beyond looks, it features playful bouncing functionality, merging creativity, culture, and accessibility in a beautifully designed seat.
Made from producible, recyclable material, Pinecone is an eco-friendly design. Intelligent algorithms optimize material usage for a lightweight, robust chair. The open-sourced algorithm empowers local autonomous design. Transforming paper-cutting into a three-dimensional encounter with cold metal, Pinecone offers an elastic, visually dynamic chair. Retaining cultural aesthetics, Pinecone achieves multidimensional innovation. Users experience a gentle sink when seated, with the chair promptly returning to its original state upon departure.

Collaborator:      Yihan Dong
                        Metal Technicians at RCA: Jake McCombe, Ian Whittaker, Nick Lott, Richard Watkins
Photographer:    Yihan Dong
Press:               Shanghai Design Week

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