Workshop for Creative Minds: Decoding with Post-it Notes
Our workshop is tailored for young minds eager to unleash creativity in brainstorming sessions. While the traditional double diamond methodology provides a constructive and logical framework followed by many designers, we believe it's crucial to explore a more experimental and creative approach by decoding and disintegrating the design process. Our aim is to inspire out-of-the-box thinking.
In this workshop, we introduce Gen-Z trend cards and paper idea library cards, strategically designed to spark innovation during ideation sessions. Participants will have access to prototyping equipment and materials for rapid DIY projects and presentations, encouraging a hands-on and dynamic exploration of ideas. Let's redefine the boundaries of design thinking and cultivate a culture of experimentation!

Collaborator:     Chris Lefteri Design
                       Yihan Dong
Client:              3M and Singapore University

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