ViWipe: paper-based HPV test
ViWipe is a non-invasive, affordable, paper-based HPV self-test empowering young women to prevent cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the biggest killers among young women, with half avoiding smear tests due to embarrassment and fear. Viwipe offers a women-centric, non-invasive, low-cost solution using menstrual blood and paper-based technology for HPV testing.
ViWipe revolutionizes blood collection by transforming Dried Blood Spots material into toilet paper format, cutting costs and simplifying the user experience. Community engagement design breaks taboos, ensuring accessibility. It innovates menstrual blood collection, extracting genetic material rapidly and without electricity. Viwipe's proprietary screening targets high-risk HPV with high accuracy in under 30 minutes. Its non-invasive, low-cost features enable cold-chain-free transport and storage. The innovative preprocessing method facilitates manual and automatic identification, overcoming collection and processing limits.

Collaborator:      Yihan Dong
                        Dr Kenny Malpartida Cardena
Photographer:    Yihan Dong
Award:              James Dyson Award UK National Runner-up
Press:               Dezeen
                        James Dyson Award


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